Marketing to Millennials

By Valentina Borbone

With the next generation of buyers starting to climb the property ladder, it's crucial for property professionals to get to know these consumers. Owner of Banter Group, and an Industry Expert Advisor for the International Social Media Association (ISMA), Valentina Borbone unpacks who millennials are, what makes them unique and how to best capture their attention in an increasingly noisy marketplace.

Valentina Borbone left Prop20 attendees with four key takeaways when it comes to marketing to millennials in the future:

#1 Political, economical and social factors define the millennial generation’s formative years.

What this means for you:

You need to understand the barriers, motivations and needs of millennials to be able to effectively market to them. By understanding their landscape of youth and those of their ancestors, you can start to understand the impact of the Internet Revolution faced by this audience

How to implement this trend into your business:

  • Conducting research into these barriers and motivations is not easy, but essential.
  • Knowing what works and what doesn’t based on your own knowledge of this audience is imperative.
  • It may not be YOUR generation, but it is the generation that will be buying your products and services.

#2 No ownership, no problem.

Millennials aren’t craving ownership. They want experiences, not things. Millennials want life experiences and relationships over possessions.

How to implement this trend into your business:

  • Reconsider how you can create an experience for your brand.
  • An experience that has meaning, that creates a shareable experience on social media.
  • Millennials share what they trust, so your experience has to be trustworthy and authentic.

#3 Empowerment.

Millennials don’t need things as a status symbol, their status is defined by a visible experience, that’s shareable. Millennials are sharing, liking, pinning, tweeting, snapping, forwarding, and commenting on all of their findings (political, economic and social) and are imparting this sense of empowerment to their online community.

They will share what resonates with THEM and what it says about THEM.

Things to consider in your business:

  • Experience is enjoying the journey and connecting with people
  • Millennials value flexibility and mobility
  • Ask how your brand offers flexibility and mobility? How you can demonstrate you understand the challenges faced by Millennials compared to ‘in the past’?

#4 They're social.

All channels still matter. Traditional media has fragmented into niche markets. Social media is evolving with the content Millennials resonate with. Mobile is the device.

How to implement this trend into your business:

  • Create content for social platforms specifically. Mobile content requires consistency and frequency, but it also requires instant gratification.
  • Longer form content works well for this market, with blogs being a leading source of information before making a decision, as well as video content.
  • Content needs to deliver real value, how it can solve a day-to-day problem and make their lives easier.
Valentina Borbone

About Valentina Borbone

Valentina Borbone is the owner of Banter Group, an Industry Expert Advisor for the International Social Media Association (ISMA) and has taught Digital Marketing for blue chip organisations and small businesses since 2008.

She prides herself on being down to earth, completely transparent and helping local businesses achieve great success by offering affordable and experienced marketing support.

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